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MOD00.P2019120.0810_1.PDS 71,210,948 bytes
A2019120081000.L1A_LAC 41,665,493 bytes
AQUA_MODIS.20190430T081000.GEO.hdf 93,119,090 bytes
AQUA_MODIS.20190430T081000.L2.OC.nc 26,252,255 bytes
AQUA_MODIS.20190430T081000.L2.IOP.nc 32,044,815 bytes
AQUA_MODIS.20190430T081000.L2.SST.nc 19,383,230 bytes
AQUA_MODIS.20190430T081000.L2.SST4.nc 19,499,652 bytes
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Quasi True Color Chlorophyll Sea Surface Temperature (11 μ) Sea Surface Temperature (4 μ)
A2019120081000.L1B_LAC_BRS AQUA_MODIS.20190430T081000.L2.OC.nc_CHLOR_A_BRS AQUA_MODIS.20190430T081000.L2.SST.nc_SST_BRS AQUA_MODIS.20190430T081000.L2.SST4.nc_SST4_BRS
Tuesday, 30 April 2019
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Search Criteria
Time Period: Tuesday, 30 April 2019 (daytime and nighttime)
Sensors: Aqua
Area of Interest: entire globe
Percentage of AOI that swaths must include: Any part

Number of swaths: 1 swath found

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