Normalized Flourescence Line Height (nFLH)

Table of Contents

  1. Product Summary
  2. Algorithm Description
  3. Implementation
  4. Assessment
  5. References
  6. Data Access

1 - Product Summary

This algorithm returns normalized fluorescence line height (nflh) in mW cm-2 µm-1 sr-1, calculated as the difference between the observed nLw(678) and a linearly interpolated nLw(678) from two surrounding bands. 

MODIS only.

MODIS Aqua nFLH seasonal composite for Spring 2014

Algorithm Point of Contact: Toby Westberry, Oregon State University

2 - Algorithm Description

  • nLw(667)
  • nLw(678)
  • nLw(748)
  • nflh,  normalized fluorescence line height in mW cm-2 µm-1 sr-1
Generic Algorithm:

$ nflh = nLw(678) - \left(\frac{70}{81}\right)\times nLw(667) - \left(\frac{11}{81}\right)\times nLw(748) $

3 - Implementation

Click fluorescence.c to view source code.

Calling in L2GEN:
  • l2prod = nflh

4 - Assessment

 Satellite-to-in-situ validation results are available from the SeaWiFS Bio-Optical Archive and Storage System (SeaBASS).  Results are currently not available for nflh.

5 - References

Behrenfeld, M. J., Westberry, T. K., Boss, E. S., et al. (2009). Satellite-detected fluorescence reveals global physiology of ocean phytoplankton. Biogeosciences 6, 779-795.

6 - Data Access