Directions to NASA/Goddard and the SeaWiFS Project Office

Map to Goddard

Map of GSFC Facility

Map of Goddard

Directions to the SeaWiFS Project (Code 970.2)

The SeaWiFS Project's main office is located in Building 28 (see GSFC map above) in Room W108. In the above map of the facility, buildings are black and parking lots and roads are white.

Enter through Goddard's main gate off Maryland Route 193 (Greenbelt Road). Right before passing through the security check point there is a small parking lot off to the right hand side, this is GSFC security and all visitors should check in there to obtain a temporary visitor's badge.

After obtaining the pass/badge, drive past the security check point into Goddard and continue on Goddard Road for approximately 0.6 mile. You will then be at a "T" in the road and should turn right. Take the next right into the Building 28 parking lot and park anywhere that is not restricted for handicap, etc.

Go in the main rear entance of Building 28 (the one with the glass doors). To get to the SeaWiFS Project Office, proceed along the atrium to the junction and turn right into the west wing of the atrium. Take a right through the double doors just before the red sofas and turn left after a couple of steps and there you are!! The project's phone number is (301) 286-9676.

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gene carl feldman ( (301) 286-9428