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- By genecarlfeldman Date 2013-07-11 11:22
NASA and DigitalGlobe (and its predecessor companies GeoEye and ORBIMAGE) who operated the OrbView-2 spacecraft on which the SeaWiFS instrument successfully collected data from 1997 through the end of 2010, have reached an agreement that allows NASA to gain access to ALL SeaWiFS HRPT data that may have been collected by ground stations around the world during the entire mission and to put that data into the public domain and to make this data set and all SeaWiFS data available to the international scientific community without restriction.

NASA previously had the authorization via contract from 1997 through the end of 2004 to receive SeaWiFS HRPT data directly from ground stations around the world and many of you receiving this message diligently collected and delivered data to us from 1997 - 2004 as you can see at the following link:

a complete list of the ground stations that contributed data to the NASA archive between 1997-2004 and the number of HRPT files they provided can be found at the end of this message.

As a result of this new agreement, NASA is seeking to acquire all HRPT files that may have been collected between 1997-2004 but may not have been delivered either to GeoEye (if the ground station was under direct contract with GeoEye) or to NASA (if they were a NASA authorized research station) for any reason.  Additionally, NASA is seeking to acquire ALL SeaWiFS HRPT data collected by any ground station from 2005 - 2010 that may still reside in the archives of any ground station or research institution.  Beginning in 2005, NASA no longer had a contract with GeoEye that would allow our research stations to decrypt the data as they previously had but we know that many stations continued to collect data.   A number of stations obtained a research license directly from GeoEye that allowed them to decypt and use the data while I know that some stations just collected the data and put it on the shelf, unencrypted.  Through the terms of this new agreement, NASA is authorized to try a
nd collect all this data and to put it into the public archive.

The key points of the agreement reached between NASA and DigitalGlobe states that DigitalGlobe is:

1. to provide to NASA access to all of the SeaWiFS HRPT data that are currently held by DigitalGlobe from years 1997-2010

2. to allow NASA to request copies of all SeaWiFS HRPT data collected by remote ground stations (foreign and domestic) for incorporation into the NASA archive. These stations include those that were under contract to DigitalGlobe and its predecessor companies such as GeoEye or ORBIMAGE and those that were operating under the NASA research license and those that may have been operating independently

3. to allow all ground stations that may have collected data under contract to DigitalGlobe or who purchased a decryption license from DigitalGlobe, to release their SeaWiFS data holdings to NASA without fear of violating the terms of their agreement with DigitalGlobe and its predecessor companies such as GeoEye and ORBIMAGE.

4. to agree to place all of the OrbView-2 (SeaWiFS) data collected during the mission (1997 - 2010) in GAC, LAC or HRPT resolution into the public domain including those periods that are less than five years old.

Therefore, NASA is asking the entire ocean color research community to let us know whether you may have or know of any organization which may have any SeaWiFS HRPT data that fits any of the above-mentioned criteria.  If so, we would like to work with you to consolidate that data into the existing NASA archive to make sure that this data set which is of such critical scientific importance continues to be available to the international research community for generations to come.

Thanks so much for all your help and we look forward to hearing from all of you who may be able to contribute to this incredibly worthwhile endeavor.

Best regards,

p.s. a follow-up message will be sent directly to the last contact list that we had of all the authorized NASA research HRPT stations so I apologize if some of you may get this message twice. 

ID   # of Files
ARG   3389
ARM   3226
AWI    237
AZO   1301
BAR    350
BBS   2033
BGU    101
BHR   1943
BIO   6117
BOL      4
BRL   1395
CAN   2383
CAR     66
CHL   3205
CNR     98
CON    549
COS    314
CRI   2415
CSC    325
DEN    570
DUN   5813
GAL   2035
GOA   2704
GUA   1641
GUY    912
HIG     43
HOB   6324
ICM   1343
IGP   1675
IMB     75
IMS     13
IOS   3700
IPR    628
JMS   7130
KEN   1547
KIT    141
KNO      1
KOR   1971
KUS   2800
MAS   3839
MBR   4602
MCM   4730
MIR   1799
MLI   4760
MON    961
MSC    575
NAV   4303
NBP   1371
NEA    308
NEG   1053
NOH      7
NOR   6054
NPE    759
NSG   6222
NTO   1872
NTU    144
OMA   3119
PAL   3555
PRC   1632
PRE   3387
RBN    365
RES   4009
REU    753
ROC   2084
ROM   5389
ROT     12
RUS    397
RUT    289
SAM    311
SAN   4085
SNG   1079
SPZ   2955
STR     27
SYO   6359
TOK   3071
TOW   3944
TUR    239
UAF   7073
UMI     57
UMX    282
UNE   2727
UNY   1259
UOH     48
UPR   1645
USC   3447
USF   4700
UST    723
UTX   4050
VEN    816
WAS   5452
WFF     57
WNZ   1985
YOK     10
ZTI   1332
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