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- By houghtah Date 2008-05-20 15:48 Edited 2008-05-20 16:07
Hello all,

Hope this finds everyone well.  Wanted to take a few moments to get everyone up to speed on progress towards our upcoming IOP algorithm workshop.  For the most part, you've done everything you need to for now -- that is, responded with interest and provided documentation and software!  If you haven't done the latter, please contact us soon.

Responsibility for the next few steps lies with us (the OBPG).  Specifically, in the coming weeks:

(1) NOMAD v2 will be completed.

(2) Algorithms will be added to msl12 (satellite level-2 processing software).  Algorithms will also be ported to IDL.  You'll likely be contacted at some point to verify software performance. 

(3) Satellite level-2 and level-3 scenes will be identified and distributed for algorithm testing (suggestions welcome).

(4) A workshop-related Web site will be released.  We'll use this site to catalog algorithms and distribute documentation, software, test data, and results. 

(5) Everyone will be added to a consolidated mailing list:

(6) Everyone will be added to a topical OceanColor forum board:

This will be publicly readable, but only Workshop participants will be able to post new messages.  If you haven't registered with the forum, please contact
the forum administrator (

With #1-6 accomplished, we envision the group will have adequate data (in situ and satellite) and support (software, documents, and means of communicating) to begin working towards addressing our workshop goals.  Once again, our list of primarly 'questions to be answered' is attached to this message.  This list will be reviewed and updated one more time -- comments welcome and encouraged.  We also envision catching up monthly as a group to report and distribute preliminary results (a paragraph, a figure, etc. to be posted online) -- likely the first weeks of Jul, Aug, and Sep.  We'll also conducting parallel analyses at GSFC. 

If you have any questions regarding our envisioned process or the scope of this workshop, don't hesitate to contact us (now is a great time to do so!).  Again, we appreciate you volunteering your time and energy for this workshop.  We hope this will be a productive and rewarding Summer.

Best regards,

  the OBPG and colleagues        

Up Topic Special Topics / Inherent Optical Properties Workshop / workshop update, 20 may 2008 (locked)

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