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- By Luthfi Date 2012-01-05 19:43
Hi all,

I have a problem when projecting ocean color level 2 product. The ocean color data is stored in one hdf file which contain many bands including sea surface temperature etc.
I use MRT Swath tool and open the file but I couldn't find ocean color band in available bands for projection. I can see all the other bands like sea surface temperature, but only ocean color are not shown.
Do someone have experience in this? I tried also using ENVI but the result is not good. Using MRT Swath tool for sea surface temperature give a good result of projection.
Please your advice. Thank you in advance.

- By norman Date 2012-01-06 09:27
Hi Luthfi,

Our sea-surface-temperature products are stored in separate
level-2 files from our ocean-color products.  If you want ocean-
color products, you must download the ocean-color files.

Our ocean-color files have names like, A2011306055500.L2_LAC_OC,
while our SST files have names like, A2011306055500.L2_LAC_SST
and A2011328174500.L2_LAC_SST4.

- By Luthfi Date 2012-01-07 20:25
Hi Norman,

I got the data from my colleague who do processing to MODIS data. The file has a name like *.seadas.hdf, so I guess that he uses Seadas or part of it. Might be I'm mistaken.
In that file, sst and ocean color are stored as bands. That's why I use other software for projection.
Do you have experience with MRT Swath Tool? While I will also try to install Seadas software by myself.

Thank you for your answer.
Best Regards,
- By sean Date 2012-01-09 09:29

If you read the documentation on the MODIS Swath Tool ,
you will find that it "... was designed specifically to accommodate projection of LP DAAC MODIS swath products. Its success on
other data types (such as level-1B radiance data and certain atmospheric products) is somewhat coincidental and in no way guaranteed. "

So, it was probably just luck that it recognized our SST product.  SeaDAS can read (and reproject) all of the files we produce.

- By Luthfi Date 2012-01-09 18:54
Hi Sean,

Thank you so much for your note. I think I will try SeaDAS. I finished downloading it and ready to install.

Thanks to all.

Up Topic SeaDAS / Non-SeaDAS Packages (e.g. MATLAB, ENVI, GIS, etc) / Problem on Projecting Seadas L2 Ocean Color using MRT Swath Tool (locked)

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