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- By brandon.s Date 2011-10-12 12:27
I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere in the forum, but I was unable to find a description of this particular problem.  I am making a series of quasi-250m true color images from both Terra and Aqua.  In one of the Terra scenes there is an curious pattern of missing/corrupted pixels.  Is this a known problem with the high resolution Terra bands?  The pixels appear to be missing/corrupted in the L1A file that I downloaded from the OceanColor WEB (at least for the bands I am using to create the true color image) - and of course propagate through all the downstream products.  I am curious if there is there a known work-around for this particular problem?  Thanks for any help.
- By norman Date 2011-10-12 14:27
Hi Brandon,

I see this sort of thing occasionally in the L1 data.  It happens
somewhere upstream of our archive, but I do not know what
causes it.  You can see the same artifact in the data archived
at Goddard's Rapid Response group.

So far, I have always just resorted to other scenes when I
encountered a corrupted one such as the one you mention.
If I were going to work around the problem, I would probably
filter out the affected pixels and then interpolate from the
surrounding pixels.  This would leave small blurry spots,
but they would not be as distracting as the high-contrast
white rectangles.

- By brandon.s Date 2011-10-12 14:47
Hi Norman,

Thanks for the quick follow-up!  I appreciate your taking the time to look over the problem...just nice to know it isn't limited to something on my end.

Up Topic Products and Algorithms / Satellite Data Products & Algorithms / Terra 250m True Color (locked)

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