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- By olliegator Date 2011-03-04 08:51

How can we follow the SeaDAS 7 development progress? Is the source already available?

- By SeanBailey Date 2011-03-09 11:24

The source for the GUI is available:

It is a fork of:

Progress is slower than I would like, but such is life :)

- By gnwiii Date 2011-03-09 14:22
SeaDAS 7 is a big job, and it isn't like you can ignore SeaDAS 6.x while you concentrate 7.  I hope there will be ways for the user community to contribute (without making to big a drain on your time).   I assume that some advance preparation on the part of users will be useful.  Do you have any advice to help us prepare for SeaDAS 7.  Would it be useful to study any of the BEAM tutorials <> if we have not already done so?   If we want to create a build system, should we start with BEAM or go directly to the SeaDAS fork?  

With SeaDAS there are often many ways to accomplish a given task. I expect some (e.g. that rely on mapped HDF files) will not easily migrate to SeaDAS 7, while other approaches are better aligned with SeaDAS 7 capabilities.   I also expect that SeaDAS 7 will make it easy to do things that were barely possible with SeaDAS 6.  An example is categorical values such as Longhurst's regions.   Using SeaDAS to display maps of Longhurst regions encounters difficulties as the display rescales from 0-255 down to 0-190 or so with the result that two different categories often map to the same color.   It could be helpful when discussing seadas scripts in the forums to see comments of the form: "this approach uses features that will not be supported in SeaDAS 7", "this task would be much easier in SeaDAS 7", or "this approach will also work (with minor changes) in SeaDAS 7".
- By SeanBailey Date 2011-03-10 08:44 Edited 2011-03-11 09:51
Indeed it is a big job :) 

I think the best way for interested users to contribute would be to offer suggestions for features
they would like to see in the new version.  As we are starting from an existing software package,
I would suggest users get familiar with BEAM.  We have a list of features that we are working
adding to ensure that the next SeaDAS is not missing any core features included in the current version.
I've put together a list which is available at:

Unless users desire to contribute to the code development, I don't see there a need to build from scratch.
Simply download the latest compiled version of BEAM  and start getting a feel for it.  However, should
someone wish to,  the software is out there for anyone to build (a task not for the faint of heart, though)

Yes, there are often more ways to accomplish a task in SeaDAS.  Some paths may not be possible with
the new version, but we hope to keep those to a minimum.  High on our list of priorities is to ensure that
SeaDAS 7 can read any format that the current SeaDAS can - including the 'SeaDAS mapped' HDF files.
Color mapping is also high on the priority.

- By bruce Date 2011-09-13 09:27
Any updates you can share?  The referenced wiki doesn't seem to have been updated in ~3 months and this thread is older. 

Would you care to share where are you (roughly) in the time line and when a reasonable person might expect to see the new version (+/- any fudge factors :-)
- By SeanBailey Date 2011-09-13 13:22

We have made some significant progress on several fronts.
A lot of the effort has been focused on the processing GUIs and product readers.
A lot of work remains, however, before we'll be ready to put a test version in
the hands of our users.  Do not quote me on this, but if all goes well, you may
see an alpha version on the street in late winter/early spring 2012...

- By bruce Date 2012-04-23 15:51
Seven months without any update to this thread (although a bit of chatter elsewhere).

Can you share anything more about the release schedule?

- By SeanBailey Date 2012-04-23 17:18

Our hope was last Friday...that slipped a little.
I am hesitant to give a firm date, but my hope is to release a beta version in early May.

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