Ocean Color Data Reprocessing

As algorithms mature, reprocessing of the data set is required to improve the archived products. Additionally, it occasionally becomes necessary to redefine the archive product suite as more useful data products are recommended to the Project. To address these issues, periodic reprocessings are planned by the Project. The Ocean Color Data Processing staff continues to work diligently to address those problems that remain in the data products. Further details on current and past reprocessing efforts are available below.

The current standard ocean color products produced and distributed via the ocean color web are produced for consistency with the following reprocessing versions: SeaWiFS (R2010.0), MODIS-Aqua (R2013.1), MODIS-Terra (R2013.0), OCTS (R2010.0), CZCS (R2010.0), VIIRS (R2013.1).

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