Getting SeaWiFS Data

Commercial Users

If your work is not considered 'research' you must purchase SeaWiFS data from GeoEye as they own the commercial rights to it. Please note that GeoEye refers to SeaWiFS data as OrbView-2 data.

NASA-Authorized Users

If your work is considered research you may apply to become a NASA-Authorized SeaWiFS user. Once Authorized you receive SeaWiFS data freely from our archive after the data is at least two weeks old.

Ground Station Licenses and LAC Scheduling

If you wish to get a two-week delayed HRPT research license, you can apply to GeoEye.

If you are already an Authorized SeaWiFS User and you want to get data in real time from an area where there isn't a SeaWiFS HRPT station, you can request Overflight Scheduling from the Ocean Color team.

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