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OBPG Support Services

The Ocean Biology Processing Group provides several support services including near realtime images and data ordering and subscriptions services.

Use of these services is free, but does require registration.

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EOSDIS User Registration

There are currently two data collections archived at the Ocean Biology Processing Group that require registration to download:

The HICO data collection is available publicly to registered users. In order to download these data, you will need to have a registered user account with the Earth Observing System Data Information System User Registration Service (this is not the same as the registration system for OBPG Support Serives).

If you do not already have an EOSDIS URS account, you may obtain one at the following link:

Create a new EOSDIS user account

MERIS User Group Access

In addition to the above EOSDIS user registration requirement, the MERIS data collection is restricted to users who have agreed to the terms and conditions set by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) for MERIS data access.

Accesss to the MERIS user group is as simple as answering a few questions pertaining to the use of MERIS data and accepting the terms and conditions outlined on the form linked below.

Once you have an EOSDIS account, to add authorization for MERIS data, enter your login information below to access the MERIS registration form.


Upon successful completion of this form, your EOSDIS URS account will enable you to access MERIS data

You may search for MERIS data via the EOSDIS Reverb interface.

Ocean Color Forum

To register for posting to the Ocean Color forum, send an email message to the forum administrator with the following information:
    * Your Name
    * Your Affiliation
    * Your reason for wanting registration
Once approved, you will receive an email with your username and password.

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